Our unique relationship with plants

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Carla Leftwich

“It is my wish that everyone be able to listen to the spirits of the plants, to the air, the water, the sun, the mountains, and to their own hearts and the hearts of others.”

Franzi Talley

“ I moved to America in my late twenties... and was in my early fifties, that I met Eliot Cowan and learned from him how to journey to Plant Spirits. This experience changed my life and has given me the opportunity to be close to the natural world in a new way. Through this new skill, this new possibility, I now feel it in a deeper and in a more engaging way than I thought possible.”

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Meet Eliot Cowan

Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine, rediscovered the ancient practice of using plant spirits for healing. Working patiently and consistently over the course of several years, and drawing on his background as a Five-Element Acupuncturist, Eliot found a language of working with the plant spirits for the healing of others. After attaining success with his own clientele, Eliot went on to develop a training course to make the type of healing accessible to anyone who makes the commitment to study Plant Spirit Medicine.


Eliot has been teaching Plant Spirit Medicine in the U.S., England, and other countries around the world for the past 25 years, and has trained over 500 plant healers. In addition, Eliot completed a 12-year Huichol apprenticeship in 2004 and is currently a Tsauirrikame, an elder shaman in the Huichol tradition. He offers healing in both modalities, and is founder of the Blue Deer Center in New York State. 




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